terça-feira, outubro 31, 2006

Remember the Ruif?

De tempo em tempo, vou pôr aqui algumas imagens para todos aqueles que "viveram" Delft comigo. Às vezes será só uma imagem... sem comentários, sem palavras. Esta é a minha primeira... Lembram-se do RUIF?

From time to time, I will put here some pictures, just for those who lived Delft with me. Sometimes, just one picture... not even one words... this is my first... Remember Delft? Remember RUIF?

Piero in Porto

Since they ended their stay in Delft several of my friends came to Portugal, but I was still not here. Piero was the first since I finally got home. This was one of the reasons for me to restart my blog. I have something else to show...This is a bit of what Piero saw in my city. Want to see more? Come to the "Antiga, Mui Nobre, Sempre Leal e Invicta Cidade do PORTO" and I will show you the rest...

In the "Clérigos" tower... over the city, into the river...

In Gaia, looking to Porto.

In Foz... Monica, Piero and me.

Foz again, Piero and me

Piero in the strange "Casa da Música"

Não sei o que me aconteceu.

Sim, eu sei: o blog esteve parado. Vamos a ver se agora o consigo retomar. Preciso disso.
Desde que cheguei tive muita coisa que fazer relativa ao relatório, o trabalho ainda para a Holanda a voltar a aproveitar o tempo perdido lá fora. Vamos recomeçar? Com o tempo vamos ver.

Quanto à Holanda: muitas saudades dos amigos... o pessoal de Eramus, o pessoal da GeoDelft e todos aqueles que moraram comigo. E a cidade para sempre vai ficar no meu coração... SEMPRE DELFT...

segunda-feira, outubro 30, 2006

The very last of Delft...

My moments of Delft, were exactly that... MINE...
Not only of ERASMUS I have lived there. These are my last goodbyes as I left this city.
These are the missing friends from whom I did't had pictures before. Here they are now:

My co-workers from GeoDelft and friends, from left to right:
Mathais (I have the sheep, it walks crazy but it is there), Raymond (the "boss") and Rens

The rest of them, in the same order:
Arne (no, he is not a white ghost, but is the only photo I got with him- this is a low poly model of him, otherwise he will start complaining), Casper and Marteen X 2

Rens (the guy with whom I spent most of my time in GeoDelft) and me.

Ana (the last girl I talked in Delft before leaving) and Eva (one of the last persons I have known there, even if she was known to "the group" for a while).

The "queimadito" Hugo while he was saying goodbye to his bike. One photograph for the memory album. For one day to show to your grandsons Hugo? Or maybe you can even call them "nietiños"? ;)

My great flatmate Vahid, from Iran, and me.
Great World Cup 2006 by the way :)
Go Iran, Go Netherlands, Go England... and by the way... GO PORTUGAL :)

Ivo, with his strange, but cool hair. Always complaining about something... :) I will really miss him and his turtle (but he can't find this out, otherwise he will complain about it) :D

After Poptahof Noord 21, a last look to Simmonstraat 84. Vahid helped me carrying things out in my last home before coming to Porto. Goodbye Delft... it is the end...

This was the plane in which I made my final Amestardam Schipool - Porto Pedras Rubras.
GOODBYE NETHERLANDS, one day I will return... but just to visit :)

quinta-feira, outubro 05, 2006

One year ago...

It was one year ago...

I haven't been writing here... it is not the same... I don't know. Maybe in a few days I will feel like writing again. Not now... DELFT WAS GREAT...